Harworth Church of England Academy

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an integral part of life at our school.  Every Monday we come to worship together to learn about stories, festivals and events from the major religions.  The children often spontaneously respond to our worship by creating reflections, artwork prayers and questions.  Here are a list of our Collective Worship themes so far this academic year.

Collective Worship Autumn Term





6th September

Welcome back to our fantastic school / where have we been over the holiday, now it’s time to enjoy being in school, learning and doing our best

HAPPI video to show at the end of CW


Hangman style papers for my holiday destinations

Brilliant! Children loved being reminded of the HAPPI video. Lots of smiling, especially from new children in Years 5 and 6.

11th September

Signs of peace to each other: Acronym for PEACE

PEACE acronym for children to hold up

Really good – all children doing the ‘pinky promise’ for peace.

18th September

Symbols of PEACE for World Peace Day (21st September)


Pictures of symbols

Children really well behaved (including FS). Follow up on Thursday to test children on remembering the different Peace symbols.

25th September

Our Link With our school in the Gambia

Powerpoint sent from the school

Children fired up to write a letter to our twin school in the Gambia. Also to write 5 facts about the Gambia. (Letter to be sent to the school by the end of the week)

2nd October

Harvest – an apple a day


Children wrote harvest prayers.

9th October

Peace in our school


Peacemakers jackets. Signs of Peace.

Children were very responsive. Peacemakers agreed to come to me after every playtime to report any problems.

16th October

Peace in the World – relating our school to the wider world

World map - newspapers

Children brought me prayers about world peace and their hopes for the future.

31st October

The story of Abram and Lot

Cut out sheep, signs, grass

Children re telling the story in class and thinking about the message.

6th November

Peace after War – Remembrance Day


Poppies, images of battlefields after battle, Sherlock Holmes costume

Children brought me poems about Peace and War throughout the day.

13th November

John Cage – Peace of silent music


Images of John Cage

Posters made by the children on their reflections from the CW.

20th November

I can do it – Yes I can!

Affirmations on card

FS child wrote ‘Yes I can do it.’

27th November

Ohana means intentional family

Clip from Lilo and Stitch

Book from Class 6 about the meaning of Ohana. Children made a large version of the word to put up in the hall. Reflection from other classes.

4th December

Preparation – Advent. We have to prepare when we have an event

Advent Ring, suitcase

Children reflected on being peaceful before an event. ‘God guides us to be kind and caring.’

11th December

Christmas is a time of giving rather than receiving

Advent Ring, John Lewis advert (Snowman)


Children talked about enjoying giving more than receiving.

18th December

Christmas - People knew they were waiting for someone special but were surprised when it was a baby.


Advent Ring, images of gifts and baby items

Children talked about this special surprise and thought about what it would have meant for everyone at the time, as well as what it means for us now.

21st December

Christingle Service in school


Christingle for every child.


Children loved having the Christingle and ‘singing in the dark!’

21st December

Candle giving to Year 6 in Church

Candles for every child.

Bible readings.

Children talked about how much they enjoyed the service.

Spring Term






8th January


   Happy New Year – a new start – every day is a new start                                            

New items

Used a lot for a child with behaviour difficulties. He keeps reflecting on this message.

15th January

Jesus is ‘a light for the world’

Night lights, images of Lighthouses.

Children spoke about Jesus as the light of the world and reflected on the Christingle.

22nd January

Being Kind


Card and thoughts from children.

29th January

Community – Miners Window

Images of window, children to perform

Children said we are a part of our community. We are important in our community.

12th February

St Valentine

Valentine card, rose, poem

Children thought about kind things and wrote them on a heart to give to others.

26th February

Lent – What is Lent? Temptations


Children reflected on what they had given up and how Jesus had remained strong in his beliefs, even when he was tested.

A child came to me with a piece about the temptations of Christ.

5th March

Lent – Forgiveness – Taking the blame


Children talked about the Bible reading and reflected on how we forgive on a daily basis and how that makes us feel.

13th March

Class 5 - Peace


Children reflected on friendship and how the children sang ‘fix you.’ They said it made them feel calm and peaceful.

19th March

Say it with flowers


Bunch of flowers



Amazing reflection from Class 6 about flowers and their meaning.

26th March

Eggs and the Easter surprise.

3 boiled eggs, 2 eggs, 1 chocolate Easter egg.

Children told me how much they enjoyed the CW (even at the end of the day). Children able to articulate what the resurrection would have been like for those around Jesus.


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