Harworth Church of England Academy

Pupil Voice


Pupil voice refers to the values, opinions and beliefs of individual students.  School Council is a great example of this as the pupils have a weekly meeting to suggest ideas and ask questions about school life.

The pupils are happy at school, we really enjoy our maths work because it is fun to do new things and learn new methods. We like applying our learning to reasoning problems.

We also enjoy learning to play the flute because it is noisy and something that we have never done before.

History is one of our favourite lessons because we get to learn about the past and how things have changed over time. We get to learn about lots of different periods which link to our other lessons.

P.E is so much fun because we get fitter and stronger and do lots of different sports. Our swimming lessons are fantastic.

We have lots of fun clubs at our school including chess, singing and lots of different sports.

Our teachers are very nice, funny and are great at solving our problems.


We really enjoy our playtimes that are a lot of things to do and we like to  play on the trim trail. 

Lunch time is also fun and we really enjoy our school dinners.

In class we do lots of fun things and we are also doing lots of different activities like sticking, painting and building.

We get to use the IPads to find out more about different things and to read on.

We would change nothing about our school expect maybe more playtime!



We like drawing and we always have lots of different activities to do every day.

The farm animals are fun to play with. 

Our trim trail is so much fun to play in.