Harworth Church of England Academy

Pupil Voice

Pupil voice refers to the values, opinions and beliefs of individual students.  School Council is a great example of this as the pupils have a weekly meeting to suggest ideas and ask questions about school life.

In January 2019 pupils were asked a number of different questions relating to Design Technology.  Click here for examples of these.

In November 2018 pupils were asked about their learning in History.  Questions included what they had been learning, what it was like for people living during a particular time period and how they knew what had happened in the past.  Pupils' answers were comprehensive and the children could all talk about their different topics.  It was impressive to see that children had enjoyed educational visits linked to their history work and could make links to these in their answers.  

In October 2017 pupils were asked a number of different questions, for example are you happy at playtime?  Have you had an educational visit and have you enjoyed it?  Please click on the link below to access the recent questionnaire.

Pupil Voice Questionnaire October 2017