Harworth Church of England Academy

Our School Curriculum

Our curriculum is based upon gaining knowledge and making amazing connections within learning.  Every half term a Christian Value underpins all of the subjects and our Collective Worship throughout the whole school. Each class focuses on a text throughout the term that their topics and subjects are based around.  This is to enable the children to immerse themselves within their learning, gain knowledge and make connections.  An educational visit takes place in each term to allow the children to have first hand experiences.  For example in Year 6 pupils study The Industrial Revolution, Fossil Fuels and Light during the Autumn Term.  A visit to the National Coal Mining Museum enables pupils to experience first hand what life was like for miners underground and to make connections to knowledge gained in the classroom.


All classes have inspirational scientists, composers, artists, sportspeople and authors that they study each half term.  These people link to our Christian Value for that term.  Every lesson is based on 3 parts Amaze, Achieve, Aspire where pupils have the opportunity to build on previous learning and vocabulary and make connections to subjects throughout the curriculum.

If you would like to find out more information about your child's education at this school please contact the following people:-


Mrs Doyle - Foundation Stage Coordinator

Mr Owens - Key Stage 1 Coordinator

Mrs Booker - Key Stage 2 Coordinator


The National Curriculum for each stage can be found by following these links:-


Foundation Stage



Key Stages 1 and 2