Harworth Church of England Academy

Harworth Church of England Academy

Our Vision


“Gain a heart of wisdom" Psalm 90:20


Our pledge is for every member of our school family to Amaze with their knowledge, zest for learning and kindness to themselves and others; to Achieve their individual full potential in a happy, caring and fully inclusive environment based on the core values of Christianity; to Aspire to go into the world as anything they want to be and as well rounded people who have the tools to live and thrive in our fully inclusive modern world.


Trust – For children to trust in themselves and others

Opportunity – To give children the opportunity to become all that they can be

Grow – To grow, academically, spiritually and morally into members of our fully inclusive modern world

Economic – To provide the tools for children to have full economic wellbeing

Truth – To have the integrity to be truthful and honest

Hope – To have hope for today and for the future, continuing to live a life underpinned by the core values of Christianity

Environment – To be fully aware of their part in creating and maintaining a healthy environment

Realise – To realise their full potential in all that they do


Amaze.  Achieve.  Aspire.