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Welcome to Elf Owls

Please see the weekly plan below for our online learning during the planned lock down January 2021

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Our Learning Journey so far...

Below are some helpful websites to support your child's learning:




Our book of the half term is

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers 

Our artist of the half term is ...

Edgar Degas

Our composer of the half term is ...



What can you find out about these important people?

Can you listen to the music and tell me what you can hear or how it makes you feel?

Can you recreate a picture by our artist?

Welcome to Elf Owls 


The first half of autumn term has flown by. The children have settled back into school with an excellent attitude to learning and they are all working incredibly hard. The first half we have been getting creative outside and enjoying drama, throw and read, making numbers, number trails and so much more!

The next half term and the lead up to Christmas we will be going outside when the weather is dry so on those colder days make sure your child has a hat, scarf and gloves to wear.

All spellings, homework and reading will continue online and an email will be sent weekly to inform you of what the task will be.

You will also find information about our topics and links to some very useful websites. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Heggie to speak to me. 

Wishing you all a happy and safe half term.

Mrs Potton



Phonics is a key part of the year 1 timetable and is a daily session.

We will focus on phases 3 and 4 to begin with and move on to phase 5 by the end of the Autumn Term.

All children in Year 1 will take a phonics screening test in June. This is standard test which takes place one to one and is made up of 40 words. 20 real words and 20 nonsense (pseudo) words. It is looking at how the children are able to segment and blend confidently.

Over the year the children will work on their phonics in class, one to one or at home for homework.

This screening is nothing to be worried about and the children will be fully prepared as we are able to use our phonics sessions to practice the skills required for the screening.


So what can I do to help?

Listen to your child read as often as you can.

Use the websites to practice numbers and sounds.

Support your child with their homework and spellings.

Practice spellings everyday.


Autumn Term 2

Literacy - Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Character and setting descriptions. Writing stories.

Numeracy - Shape, number, time, fractions and money.

Science - Light and Shadow 

Computing - Filming a puppet show

Music - The work and life of Tchaikovsky

History - The Wright Brothers - flight

Design and Technology - Construction: Make areoplanes 

R.E. - Judaism (Hanukkah) 

P.E. - REAL P.E. 

French - Colours and Numbers

PSHE - Valuing Differences


You can find a full overview of the year under the curriculum tab.

The school follows the National Curriculum 2014.

Please ask your child's teacher if you require any information.