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Welcome to Elf Owls

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Our author of the half term is...

Lewis Carroll

Our Artist of the half term is...

Lewis Carroll

"I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then."

Our Scientist of the half term is...

Charles Goodyear

"I am not disposed to complain that I have planted and others have gathered the fruits."

Our Sports Person of the half term is...

Carlos Acosta

"The best time plant a tree is always twenty years ago. If for some reason you did not plant it then the next best time to plant a tree is now."

Our Composer of the half term is...


"I compose music because I must give expression to my feelings, just as I talk because I must give utterance to my thoughts."

What can you find out about these special people?

Welcome to Elf Owls 


Welcome back to Summer Term.

Our final term together and there are lots of exciting new learning journey's to go on together.

This term we are hoping to go on two educational visits - one within the local area (walk/visit to Church) and one a little further away but I can't give away too much information right now!

A letter will follow once I have booked and confirmed the dates.

The term we will be getting outside for our learning and as the weather warms up please make sure your child has a named water bottle and hat for those warm days.

This term your child will be taking the Year 1 Phonics Screener. An information pack has been sent home with activities for your child to complete - this does not need to be returned to school. The screener is nothing new for the children and is taken one on one with me in June.

Please see your letter and text reminders for the phonics meeting.

Homework and Spellings will be sent home on a Friday and will be due back the following Thursday.

Please listen to your child read as often as you can as this helps them to practice their phonics skills.

If you have any queries please get in touch via the office.

Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs Potton



Phonics is a key part of the year 1 timetable and is a daily session.

We will focus on phases 3 and 4 to begin with and move on to phase 5 by the end of the Autumn Term.

All children in Year 1 will take a phonics screening test in June. This is standard test which takes place one to one and is made up of 40 words. 20 real words and 20 nonsense (pseudo) words. It is looking at how the children are able to segment and blend confidently.

Over the year the children will work on their phonics in class, one to one or at home for homework.

This screening is nothing to be worried about and the children will be fully prepared as we are able to use our phonics sessions to practice the skills required for the screening.


So what can I do to help?

Listen to your child read as often as you can.

Use the websites to practice numbers and sounds.

Support your child with their homework and spellings.

Practice spellings everyday.


Summer Term 1

English - Story writing following The Write Stuff

Maths - Measure, pattern spotting, fractions, data, time, position and direction

Science - Animals

Computing - Data: animals

Music - Animals

History - The Local Area

Geography - Features and locations on a map

Art - Art and Design Skills

Design and Technology -  Mechanisms: Wheels and axles

R.E. - Thee stories of Jesus

P.E. - REAL P.E. Core 

French - Numbers and days of the week

PSHE - Economic Wellbeing


Summer Term 2

English - Non-fiction writing: The Write Stuff and Poetry.

Maths - Shape, money, time, fractions, data and number patterns.

Science - Animals

Computing - Programming: Maps

Music - Superheroes

History - The Local Area

Geography - Features and locations on a map

Art - Sculpture and collage

Design and Technology -  Mechanisms: Wheels and axles

R.E. - Gospels Unit

P.E. - REAL P.E. Health and Fitness

French - Months of the year and classroom commands

PSHE - Safety and the changing body


You can find a full overview of the year under the curriculum tab.

The school follows the National Curriculum 2014.

Please ask your child's teacher if you require any information.