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Reading is a focus within our school.  We have reading corners in every classroom and reading stations around school.  Our school library is used on a daily basis throughout the day for supporting learning and to encourage children to become independent readers.  We use a variety of reading schemes which cater for children's individual needs such as Heinemann - Sails which go through the Foundation Stage and into Key Stage 2, Oxford Reading Tree, which is also interactive on our whiteboards, Longman and a large selection of both Fiction and Non-Fiction books in our library.  The book fair visits at least once a term and the children and parents look forward to it arriving.  We celebrate World Book Day every year where children and staff dress up as their favourite book character and are encouraged to bring in their favourite book.  We use the community library as often as we can.  After our visits we promote library membership by encouraging children to take forms home to complete. 

Our Phonics scheme is Letters and Sounds. Phonics is taught daily and children take a phonics test at the end of Year 1.

The children can perform a five card trick (read 5 books) to receive 25 house points to help their house win the termly prize.

Click here to download the five card trick form.



Foundation stage

In Foundation Stage we believe we lay the foundations for encouraging the disposition of reading. The teaching of reading takes place through, modelled, guided and shared reading sessions.

Practice: Children are placed into emergent reading groups and read with an adult on a daily basis. When children display reading behaviours they are grouped according to their needs and begin to follow a systematic reading scheme.

Children are organised into reading groups which use a systematic, structured scheme that is appropriate for the needs of the children.


Key stage 1 and 2

In Key Stages 1 and 2 children are taught reading strategies through modelled, shared and guided sessions. Children in Key Stage 1 continue to read as part of a reading group which follows a systematic approach. Teachers plan opportunities for children to apply their reading skills during silent reading time, though topic related work and through a varied range of reading tasks including free choice and independent reading.

Children in Key Stage 2 complete reading based activities such as; reading for fun activities, reflect and respond, comprehension and detail and language and vocabulary skills based activities.

Reading records are used to record individual reading.

The Hertfordshire Reading test is carried out to check on progress for some pupils.


We want our children to enjoy reading, to be able to use their reading to help them learn and to develop

increasing confidence and competence in reading so that they are able to:

  • read fluently, accurately and with understanding;
  • become independent and critical readers and make informed and appropriate choices;
  • select information from a wide range of texts and sources including print, media and ICT and to evaluate those sources;
  • apply techniques such as skimming, scanning, and text-marking effectively in order to research and appraise texts.

Please see the section on 'Learning to read Through Phonics' for details of our phonics teaching.