Harworth Church of England Academy


(Relationships and Health Education and Personal, social, health and economic education)


We Amaze by recalling prior learning, making connections and applying that to our work.

We Achieve by learning to make safe relationships, understanding the importance of health and wellbeing and preparing for changes.

We Aspire to give every child the opportunity to be happy, healthy and safe and to also achieve their best, academically and socially.

Curriculum Intent

At Harworth Church of England Academy our PSHE and RSE curriculum provides opportunities for children to value families and different family structures. Children know that together at school we are an amazing family. We provide the early building blocks that will enable our children to achieve healthy life styles, create and maintain positive friendships, make safe, independent choices, understand the changes that take place in their lives and the ability to operate safely in a digital world. We give children to confidence and skills to aspire to be their best self. We acknowledge the vital role stories play in enabling children to express their emotions be it through the use of social stories or by purely enjoying the stories they are exposed to in class.


Christian Values

We gain a heart of wisdom in every lesson, every day. We base our teaching and learning on the values that Jesus taught and each half term we Jesus taught kindness, compassion, fairness and patience. This is what we base our teaching and learning on. We teach children to have an emotional response by providing opportunities for reflection.  This could include time to reflect on the work of authors and poets, their own work and the work of their peers.   


What do we want for our children in this subject?

We aim for every child to be provided with the skills, language and strategies they need in order to live healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible and balanced lives. For them to take their learning from Harworth Church of England Academy and use it throughout their whole lives and to pass on a sense of family, safety and togetherness to others.


How do we cater for pupils with SEND and Disadvantaged?

We ensure that all children are fully involved in all PSHE and RSE lessons. They are taught the necessary skills to achieve personal success.  Therefore, raising self-esteem to equip them with confidence and knowledge. We never want any child to say, ‘I can’t.’ We take account of the fact that some pupils may have learning, emotional or physical disabilities that result in particular PSHE difficulties. We support children who experience these difficulties on a 1:1 or small group basis using guidance from outside agencies.



At Harworth Church of England Academy we use the Kapow Primary scheme of work.

 Children will develop the following skills:

  • Valuing families and different family structures
  • Creating and maintaining positive friendships
  • Developing safe and respectful relationships
  • Understanding the changes that take place during puberty
  • Promoting good health and carrying out first aid
  • Learning to make independent choices and not to be influenced by others
  • Operating safely in a digital world (See the online-safety page for more information about online safety in and out of school.) 


For more information please go to the website below. 


Below are documents showing the curriculum overview and progression of skills for Year 1 to Year 6:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development in EYFS

Please see the Anti-bullying page for more information.

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