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Welcome to Wise Owls (YEAR 6)

Welcome to the Wise Owls web page.  Here you will find information about what topics we are studying as well as useful links to help you with your learning. 

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Summer Term


Welcome back to the start of the Summer Term.  Our Christian Value is Kindness and we will be focusing on this theme throughout all of our lessons.

For the first few weeks we will be revising the key concepts in Maths and English in preparation for our SATS in May.

Here are a few useful websites to look at to aid you with your revision.
















Our main topic is Ancient Greece.  In History we will learn who the Ancient Greeks were, all about Alexander the Great and his empire, Athens and Sparta and comparing Ancient Olympic Games to modern ones. 


Our class text is called Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.   It is all about a 12 year old boy called Percy who realises he is a demi-god of Poseidon that has special powers.  We will be writing character descriptions in English based on the book.


This term will focus on revision of all the key concepts in preparation for the SATS in May.

We will then look at developing our algebra skills in more depth.


This half term is called Evolution and Inheritance.  We will be learning what these key terms mean as well as investigating adapted features and Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.  

Scientist - Charles Darwin

‘The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute.’


Religious Education

Our topic this term focuses on Religion, Family and Community.  We will be exploring what community means to us before discussing what it means within Harworth and further afield in Nottinghamshire.


Our topic this term focuses on an Introduction to Python.  We will be learning how to create loops and nested loops and using coding to create Mondrian designs.


We will be focussing on fieldwork in the local area.  We will be looking at digital mapping to map land use and comparing it now to how it has changed over the years.

 Physical Education

This term's focus is all about modified and competitive games.

Inspirational Sports person - Michael Phelps 

‘I found something I love, and I never gave up.’


This term's focus is Still Life.  We will be developing our skills in using charcoal, negative medium and paint. 

Artist - Paul Cezanne

‘Art is a harmony parallel with nature.’

Design Technology

This term's focus is Electrical Systems.  We will be designing our own steady hand game and applying our science knowledge of electrical circuits 


 This term's topic is all about French Olympic sports.  We will learn new vocabulary relating to sports and countries. 


 This term's focus is all about dynamics, pitch and tempo.  We will be listening to Fingal's Cave by Mendelssohn and creating our own group compositions. 

Composer - Mendelssohn

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”


This term's focus is Economic Wellbeing.  We will be exploring attitudes to money, how to keep money safe, gambling and career routes.