Harworth Church of England Academy

Harworth Church of England Academy


Welcome to the Wise Owls web page.  Here you will find information about what topics we are studying as well as useful links to help you with your learning. 

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Summer Term

Welcome to the start of the Summer Term.  The class worked so hard last term and made super progress.

Our main topic for this term is Ancient Greece.  We will find out all about when the Greek period took place, Greek civilizations and democracy.


Our class text is called Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.   It is based around Greek mythology .  Much of our Literacy will be history based as we will be researching Greek Gods/Goddesses and creating encyclopedia pages.   Our reading comprehension work will also be based around this book.  Grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting will be taught daily.

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This term we will focus on bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and fractions   We will also continue to learn formal methods for arithmetic.

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This half term is called 'The same or different'.  We will be learning all about evolution and the work of Charles Darwin.

Religious Education

Our topic this term focuses on 'Religion, Family and Community'.  We will start by creating our own moral charter after looking at the Ten Commandments.  We will then consider how different religions contribute to Nottinghamshire.  


 Our topic is Ancient Greece.  We will learn about the Minoans and Mycenaeans, city states and democracy.


Our geography focus is  Greece.  We will be learning using maps to locate Greece and its islands, investigating the key features of Greece, looking at trade and tourism.  


This is a whole year project all about creating an app for a smartphone. Our year long project continues with creating screen designs for the app.  We will also be continuing to learn how to touch type using Dance Mat.



 Physical Education

This term's focus is rounders skills.


We will be sketching different historical vase designs and researching the techniques of craftspeople.  We will develop control of tools and techniques with modelling materials to produce a decorated vase.


We will use Music Express to continue to focus on a topic called 'The Journey'.


Our school follows the Rising Stars scheme called Euro Stars.  This half term's topic is called Monster Un Cafe.