Harworth Church of England Academy


Summer Term.

Our next topic sees us comparing different religions and how they advise people to look after the world and treat each other. We will be using two words tolerance and acceptance throughout this topic.

Please check out the websites below to see the charities that different religious organisations are currently raising money for.

What do you notice?




Southwell Minster.

We all had an amazing day time travelling at Southwell Minster, the children learnt so much about the history of the building and were amazed that it was over 900 years old. They enjoyed coming together with different children from other school to learn, pray and worship together.


Spring Term.

This term we are learning all about Hinduism and how their traditions compare to our own. Below are pictures from our Hinduism experience. The children have had an amazing time during this topic, they learnt so much about the Hindu gods and goddesses with the stories of Lakshmi and Ganesh the ones that really captured their imagination.

This thorough knowledge of Hinduism couple with their knowledge of Christianity saw the children making some insightful reflections during our world faith pilgrimage.  

Autumn Term.

A lovely little video to get us into the story of Moses. Please see some examples of our work below.