Harworth Church of England Academy

Class 1

In our class we have times of calm and reflection. We use our Collective Worship Reflection book to talk about the messages and our feelings from our worship. 

We have a reflection corner which we use to read, reflect and write prayers.

Please feel free to look at our books in the reflection corner.

We enjoy our pilgrimages and this year we have done 3. The first one was about The Nativity, then World Faiths and our most recent pilgrimage was on The Holy Trinity. 

They are fantastic and our school is very calm and reflective at this time. Please see our pictures below to see what we have been doing.

Summer Term

This term we will be exploring sacred places. We will be exploring Judaism and Christianity. We will be exploring Shabbat and Weddings performing our own of both.

We are looking forward to exploring this topic further...watch this space

Spring Term

This term we have explored the Parables and Miracles of Jesus.

We have sorted though different ones and discussed what the difference between the two are.

We used Godly play to explore the Story of Feeding the multitude. We answered big questions and draw or wrote about the calming and reflective time.

We enjoyed our pilgrimage on Epiphany and discussed different pictures that artists had created about what they thought the Three Kings looked like and their journey was like. The children thought about the pictures, answered questions thoughtfully and enjoyed having a go at recreating their favourite picture after.

Autumn Term

This term we began by exploring different ways we are safe and happy. We talked about caring for our family and friends.

We listened to stories from different religions including Hinduism and Christianity. 

We also explored different festivals and celebrations, this linked to our history topic.


One festival we talked about was Raksha Bandhan, this is the Hindu festival of brothers and sisters. The story told us that they give brackets to show love.

we designed our own and talked about why we would give them to our own sibling.

"I would give my bracelet to my brother because he cares for me and watches my dancing shows." 

"I would give my bracelet to my sister because I love her."