Harworth Church of England Academy



Passion Play - Easter.

Thank you to the children who took part in the Passion Play in church on Easter Sunday.  A special thank you to Ann Wilson, one of our governors, who spent time rehearsing with the children in the lead up to the service.


Archdeacon Pickon.

Archdeacon David Pickon led our Easter worship on the last of day of term. It gave everyone the chance to reflect on this important time of year in the Christian calendar.


Ash Wednesday Service.

Classes 3 and 4 had a wonderful morning joining in with the Ash Wednesday service, the children enjoyed learning more about the beginning of lent and the meaning of this holy day of peace that begin the lead up to Easter.

Canon Dadd Visit.  

A massive thank you to Canon Dadd for visiting Class 4 to explore the theme of worship with them. The children found this fascinating and were able to explore their own beliefs. We will also delighted that Canon Dadd along with Mr Batty were able to join us for our Merit assembly.


Miners' Window.

Thank you to pupils who took part in a special church service to celebrate the new stained glass window.  It was a lovely service and we were even featured on Look North.

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