Harworth Church of England Academy

Religious Education

In Wise Owls (Y6) we have a class prayers session on a weekly basis where we all come together to reflect and think about ourselves, our school, our families, local issues and the wider world.  We also debate different issues through Pupil Voice sessions as well as reflecting on our Collective Worship sessions.

Autumn Term

In Wise Owls we study Hinduism.  We consider different dilemmas and look at how a Hindu would solve them compared to us.  We learn about the Bhagavad Gita (one of their holy books) before comparing it to the Bible and the Qu'ran.  We also reflect on how Hindus live in balance with nature by creating our own artwork.

Our second unit is called God.  We reflect on a Christian's relationship with God compared to a celebrity's and we have a really interesting discussion in class.  Next we create our own divine God by considering what we would like God to be like.  We look at how God is represented in the Bible by focusing on different books before comparing different viewpoints about God.

In the lead up to Christmas we think about special deeds of kindness we could undertake during Advent.  

We visit Brailsford House to sing Christmas carols and songs to the residents.  We also make a Christingle in school and learn the meaning of each part.  At the end of the day we hold a whole school Christingle service where we light our candles.  It is a really reflective end to our school term.

Spring Term

This unit of work is all about understanding how Jews were treated during World War II.  We spend time looking at photographs of what life was like for Jews before the War. We then compare this to how their lives changed during the Holocaust.  We spend a fantastic day at The National Holocaust Centre where we reflect on a young Jewish boy's life and how him and his family were treated.  We are also honoured to meet a survivor of the Holocaust who tells their story - an amazing opportunity to bring history to life.  We also discuss in depth why Jews were treated differently just because of their religion.  We know that this is wrong and no matter what religion people are, they should all be treated as equals.  We link this with our British Value of Mutual Respect.

Summer Term

This term our unit of work focuses on Incarnation and the question 'Was Jesus the Messiah?' We explore where Incarnation and the Messiah are within the big story of the Bible before making connections between them.