Harworth Church of England Academy

Speed Watch


Year 6 pupils worked alongside the community police on a project called 'Speed Watch'.  It involved raising awareness of speeding motorists around school. The police demonstrated how a speed gun worked and children designed questionnaires to ask speeding motorists.  Year 6 then entered a Nottinghamshire competition called Helping Hands and came 1st out of all the school entries.  The school attended a presentation evening and won a trophy and £1000.  This money was matched by school to buy child shaped bollards which are now outside school.  The purpose of these is to slow motorists down as the bollards look like real children.  Every year 'Speed Watch' continues with Year 6 pupils and they have the opportunity to observe how a speed gun works and question motorists who speed.  As time has passed there have become fewer speeding motorists so the impact of this project has been vital to the safety of our children.