Harworth Church of England Academy

Stay and Learn

At our school we have a strong relationship with parents and carers.  Every half term we invite a group of parents/carers from every class to work alongside their child during a morning session.  They also have the opportunity to join us for our OWL Assembly which celebrates the achievements of the children.  These sessions have proved to be really popular and due to parent voice the length of time spent in school has been extended.  Thank you to everyone who has attended these sessions. 

Here are a few quotes from our parents/carers:- 


It was good to see the children in the school environment and see a sample of the school day.


The children were well behaved and attentive and were challenged to think for themselves.


I really enjoyed the stay and learn sessions.  I found it very interesting to see how my daughter is being taught.


Firstly thank you for inviting me to the stay and learn session, it was interesting and enjoyable.


It made me wish I was at school again with bright ideas and a big imagination.


 Very enjoyable and great to see what happens in the classroom and how our children learn new things.


I felt the children were provided with clear instructions and engaged well.  I was able to interact with my child throughout which was nice for both myself and my child.


I gained insight into the progress my child had made last term and I enjoyed looking through my child's books.


The assembly was wonderful, the children all sat and joined in and looked proud to be there.  Well done everyone!


The art lesson was challenging yet enjoyable.  I liked the way, probably without the children realising, that their times tables were brought into it and the differences between odd and even.