Harworth Church of England Academy

Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

In partnership with Carnegie Centre of Excellence, we are working towards being accredited with the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools Award.  The award focuses on promoting the emotional wellbeing of both staff and pupils. 


The award:

  • Promotes mental health as part of everyday school life
  • Improves the emotional wellbeing of staff and pupils
  • Identifies mental health problems early and offer appropriate support
  • Ensures people know the importance of mental health awareness
  • Includes opinions and suggestions from parents, pupils and staff


A questionnaire will be sent out to parents, staff and children in school (Years 3,4,5, & 6) to help us to understand the best way to measure and support wellbeing in school.


A power point and a video clip are available below to launch the 5 branches to Mental Wellbeing approach that we as a school family are promoting.

Each class will have PSHE lessons to talk about how they could use the 5 branches to help themselves develop their emotional wellbeing.  

​We have an appointed wellbeing team who are dedicated to working towards and promoting the award.


Mental Health Award PowerPoint