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We enjoyed learning all about World War I after October half term.  We found out how the war started and which countries were involved.  As it was the centenary of World War I we went to Southwell Minster for a special Remembrance Day.  We took part in a singing workshop, watched a drama and looked at the new stained glass window that had been installed as part of the centenary.  We also learnt about trench life, Edith Cavell and what life was like for children throughout the war.  It was a fantastic topic with lots of fabulous home learning too. 


We have just started learning about World War II and have discovered how it all began.  We had a super visit to the National Holocaust Centre at the end of January where we met a survivor of the Holocaust who told us their story.  We also had the opportunity to go around 'The Journey' which told us about a boy called Leo who lived in Germany as a Jew throughout the war.  This term we will also study Anne Frank, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.