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Autumn Term

This term's focus is on fossil fuels, in particular coal.  For home learning over the summer you were very busy finding out all about the topic.  

National Coal Mining Museum

We all enjoyed an amazing day at the National Coal Mining Museum and as always the behaviour was outstanding. The museum staff commented on what lovely children we have and it really was a pleasure to take them on this visit.  Everyone had the chance to go 140ft underground to experience life as a miner.  We had to dig for coal and put props up.  It was such hard work especially in the dark!  We also saw pit ponies, canaries and exhibitions which allowed us to dress up as miners.  We took part in a workshop about Caphouse Colliery where we learnt about how the different coal seams are formed as well as understanding the importance of light underground.  We were talking about the visit all the way home and lots of us agreed it was the best visit ever!