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“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Eagle Owls - Welcome to the Summer term!

Eagle Owls

 Welcome back, I hope that you have all had a fantastic Easter. Below are the lessons for this week. I will update the planning on here every day so that the previous lessons remain and the new lesson is underneath in-case anybody needs to catch up on previous tasks. If the task refers to a document or a worksheet, I will attach it underneath the plan, you will just need to download the appropriate file. If anybody has any questions or wants to send me any work, please send it to eagle@harworth.snmat.org.uk and I will get straight back to you.

We are aware that these times are difficult for children and parents so do not worry if you cannot complete every activity. The most important thing is that we all get through these unusual times emotionally well. I do not expect every task to be completed, looking after your child's and your own well-being is much more important. Keep up the hard work, you're all doing great.


This week's learning (18.05-22.05)

Monday's resources

 Anglo Saxon L5 - Conversion to Christianity PPT.pptDownload
 Anglo Saxon L5 - Saint information table.pdfDownload
 Anglo Saxon L5 - Task 2 Missing words.pdfDownload
 Monday L1 - Answers.pdfDownload
 Monday L1 - Compare and Order numbers to 1 million.pdfDownload
 Monday L1 - Place value support grid.pdfDownload
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Tuesday's resources

 Adding powers of 10 PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Subtracting powers of 10 PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Tuesday - Forwards backwards powers of 10 ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Tuesday - Forwards backwards powers of 10 TASK.pdfDownload
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Wednesday's resources

 Negative numbers practice PPT Slides as PDF.pdfDownload
 Negative numbers practice PPT.pptDownload
 Negative Positive number line.pdfDownload
 Negtaive numbers ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Negtaive numbers TASK SHEET.pdfDownload
 Wed - L5 Metamorphosis Clue cards.pdfDownload
 Wed - L5 Metamorphosis Life cycles.pdfDownload
 Wed - L5 Metamorphosis PPT Slides as PDF.pdfDownload
 Wed - L5 Metamorphosis PPT.pptDownload
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Thursday's resources

 Thursday - Rounding number PPT.pptxDownload
 Thursday - Rounding numbers PPT as a PDF.pdfDownload
 Thursday - Rounding numbers PPT.pdfDownload
 Thursday - Rounding numbers task.pdfDownload
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Friday's resources

 Airplane example.pngDownload
 Supporting your child's emotional resilience.pdfDownload
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Last week's learning (11.05-15.05)

Last Monday's resources

 Monday - Compund Area.pptDownload
 Monday - Levelled area task.pdfDownload
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Last Tuesday's resources

 Tuesday - Artefacts and Culture PPT.pptDownload
 Tuesday - Artefacts Historian Questions.pdfDownload
 Tuesday - Artefacts item sheet.pdfDownload
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Last Wednesday's resources

 L4 - Jane Goodall advert task.pdfDownload
 L4 - Jane Goodall PPT.pptDownload
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No resources required for today - see plan.


Last Friday's resources

 Art competition - Olympic champion - Alastair Brownlee.pdfDownload
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The children have their own individual logins for the websites below (email me if your child does not know their login).

https://ttrockstars.com/ (Children will already have this login)

https://pages.sumdog.com/ (Same login as TTrockstars/Numbots)

https://spellingframe.co.uk/ (Children will already have this login)