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Breakfast Club and the paid After School Club are cancelled from Thursday 19th March.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Welcome to our Eagle Owl class page. Here you will find a list of topics for the half term. 

Eagle Owls - Welcome to the Spring term!

National Space Centre

Jasmine R,Ruby,Emmie

class5 on: National Space Centre

First we got into groups.We put are packed lunches in a box.Next we went up to the rocket/lift it was so fun.We went up all the different floors.At the top floor there was a 70's room.I learnt  that they sent dogs to space.Also that there are constellations.Ruby's favourite  was the planetarium because all the different constellations you can make.Jasmine's favourite thing was the Rocket lift it was so fun at first it was  scary but after it was fine also the planetarium  because it has so many constellations and it looked cool when the picture moved  Emmie's favourite thing was was the solar system room. 

Matthew and Finley

class5 on: National Space Centre

we enjoyed the planetarium and all the constellations also we enjoyed the weather pod with we could be on own weather channel and predict what the weather was like in the future.I liked the Rockets witch were called the BLUE streak and THOR there were 42 metres tall.

ethan harrison and dylan

class5 on: National Space Centre

on friday the 6th of march 2020 eagle owls went on an educational visit to the national space centre leicester  and our group learnt that the national space centre was built in2001 and was open to the public in 2008 and also there are the soviet russian landmarks and space crafts launched by nasa in between the 1960s and 1970s.


class5 on: National Space Centre


On Friday 6th of March 2020, Eagle Owls visited the National Space Centre in Leicester.When we arrived amazed by the globe in the centre of the museum ( the most amazing and tallest part of all,the ROCKET TOWER!) Near the globe was a weather pod in which you got to make your own weather report in 2085. We learnt that in 1972  the first person to land on the moon in Apollo 11 was called Neil Armstrong.

Holly Phoebe Kiera

class5 on: National Space Centre

On Friday 6th March we went on a school trip to National Space Centure.We leaned a lot , We saw the first animal that was blasted off into space , Laika. She was the first animal to orbit around space, But sadly , she didn't make it back. There was also these monkeys were also blasted into space but didn't make it back, Sadly.  We saw a piece of the moon , A Huge rocket , And a phone, at the other side of the phone there was a man speaking, it was interrsting ! Such a fun day.

Eagle Owls

 We have had a fantastic start to the Spring term. The children have started this term with amazing attitude as always.

This term, our doorway to learning guides us through the solar system linking to our Science and Geography as well as our literacy reading text (The infinite lives of Maisie Day).



P.E. is now on a Monday afternoon, all pupils with shoulder length hair need this tied back and earrings need to be removed or covered with a plaster.

Homework: Set on a Friday and due in the following Thursday.

Spellings: Set on Thursdays, due the following Friday.

Reading records - please make sure they are in school and write any comments if you have listened to them read. 

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Mrs Heggie to see me.

Thank you for your support, Mr Edwards.

Topics for this half term (Spring 1).

Literacy - 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll (Balanced arguments/Newspaper reports).

Maths - addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, factors/prime numbers, 

Science - Earth and the Solar System

History - Topic - Crime and Punishment

Geography - Time zones and field work of our village.

DT - Solar System

R.E - Religion and family, Hinduism.

French - En route pour l'ecole

Computing - Fusing geometry and art

Music - Tenor horns.