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Belton House Trip 20.03.19

Year 5 - Welcome to the first half of Summer term!

Please can I remind parents that the children are swimming every Thursday. No earrings or baggy shorts.


Weekly tests:

Tuesday: Times tables / division / mixed - (your child will know which group they are in).

Friday: Spelling test.


Below are the topics we will be doing during the first half of this Summer term

Writing: - argument/debate, newspaper report writing, writing a poem based on 'The Hobbit', Poem: The Island by Stanley Cook.


Reading - The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.



  • Measures - Estimating and measuring volume, and converting between different units of measure.
  • Statistics - Solve comparison , addition difference problems using line graphs.
  • Place value - write, order and compare numbers to one million.
  • Fractions - compare and order fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number.
  • Measures - Time - solve problems involving converting between units of time


Science: Circle of life:

  • Understand the life processes of reproduction in plants
  • Describe and present different animal life cycles.


Computing - Blogging online


R.E. - Beliefs and actions in the world:

  • Explore how different religions teach about how we can live together.
  • Discover how the teaching and practice of different religions about caring for the Earth and creatures
  • Apply ideas about justice and fairness to the work of religious charities around the world.
  • Examine why religious groups decide to help people who have had a natural disaster or other recent news event.  

P.E. - Swimming.


Music - Tenor Horn.


Geography -

  • Time zones
  • Natural disasters - why and where -Volcanoes/earthquakes


History - Anglo Saxons- why did they settle for Britain? - 

  • Where they came from.
  • How they spread Christianity.
  • Researching 'Sutton Hoo'
  • Looking at artefacts to explore what they wore.
  • Design an Anglo Saxon house. 


D.T. - Plan an Anglo Saxon model village.


Art - Andy Goldsworthy.


French - nouns, verbs, simple poem.



Learning Zone:


General games for all areas of learning