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“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Eagle Owls - Welcome to the Spring Term!

This week's learning WC 01.03.21

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All resources W.C 01.03.21

 4 & 6 PPT.pptDownload
 Area PPT.pptxDownload
 Area Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Baby growth PPT as PDF.pdfDownload
 Building cohesion PPT.pdfDownload
 Connective adverbs word bank.pdfDownload
 Data sheet - Height of babies 0-12 months.pdfDownload
 Graph example.jpgDownload
 Graph paper.pdfDownload
 Literacy Venn Diagram.pdfDownload
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This week's learning WC 22.02.21

This week's resources WC 22.02.21

 3D shape hunt.pdfDownload
 3D shape nets worksheet.pdfDownload
 Andy Goldsworthy PPT.pdfDownload
 Chater review worksheet.pdfDownload
 Grid Co-ordinates task help video.mp4Download
 Grid References LARGE MAP.pdfDownload
 Grid References Task Answers.pdfDownload
 Grid References Task.pdfDownload
 Human timeline PPT as PDF.pdfDownload
 Human timeline task sheet.pdfDownload
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This week's learning WC 08.02.21

This week's resources WC 05.02.21

 Chinese New year Maths code breaking.pdfDownload
 Chinese New Year Mindfulness colouring.pdfDownload
 Chinese New Year Paper Lantern.pdfDownload
 Chinese New Year PPT.pdfDownload
 Counting through 0 answers.pdfDownload
 Counting through 0 Presentation.pdfDownload
 Counting through 0 worksheet.pdfDownload
 Daffodil acrostic poem.pdfDownload
 Daffodil egg-craft idea.pdfDownload
 Order and compare numbers within 1000000 answers.pdfDownload
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This week's planning WC 01.02.21

All resources W.C 01.02.21

 12 24hour clock conversion PPT presentation.pdfDownload
 12 24hour conversion task.pdfDownload
 12 24hour time conversion video.mp4Download
 Arithmetic assessment 4.pdfDownload
 Commas worksheet.pdfDownload
 Maths - time conversion answers.pdfDownload
 Maths - time conversion task..pdfDownload
 Mental health week PPT presentation.pdfDownload
 Monday Comprehension Questions.docxDownload
 The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day Chapter 4.mp4Download
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Weekly planning W.C 25.01.21

All resources W.C 25.01.21

 Challenge - ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Challenge - Mixed numbers to improper fractions.pdfDownload
 Clothes in tudor times PPT as a PDF.pdfDownload
 Equator, Hemisphere, Tropics and Poles PPT.pdfDownload
 Improper fractions Mixed numbers Wednesday lesson.mp4Download
 Improper fractions to mixed numbers ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Improper fractions to mixed numbers problem solving.pdfDownload
 Improper fractions to mixed numbers video.mp4Download
 Improper fractions to mixed numbers worksheet.pdfDownload
 Mixed numbers to improper fractions.mp4Download
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Weekly planning WC 18.01.21

18.01.21 Monday's Resources

 Arithmetic test 3.pdfDownload
 The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day Chapter 2.mp4Download
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19.01.21 Tuesday's Resources

 Adding fractions task 3X levels.pdfDownload
 Adding fractions video.mp4Download
 Time zones help sheet.pdfDownload
 Time zones PowerPoint as PDF.pdfDownload
 Time zones worksheet.pdfDownload
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20.01.21 Wednesday's resources

 Subtracting fractions 3X levels.pdfDownload
 Subtracting fractions Wednesday.mp4Download
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21.01.21 Thursday's resources

 Ordering fractions 3X levels.pdfDownload
 Ordering fractions.mp4Download
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Weekly planning W.C 11.01.21

11.01.21 Monday's planning

 Activity Sheet Wife Advert.pdfDownload
 Arithmetic paper 2.pdfDownload
 Henry VIII PPT as PDF.pdfDownload
 Infinite Lives of Maisie Day Chapter 0 and 1.mp4Download
 Tudor Life Magazine Front Cover.pdfDownload
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12.01.21 Tuesday's resources

 3X1 Multiplication video.mp4Download
 3x1 Multiplication worksheet 3X levels.pdfDownload
 Commas to indicate parenthesis worksheet.pdfDownload
 Longitude latitude PowerPoint presentation.pdfDownload
 Longitude latitude worksheet 2x tasks.pdfDownload
 Times table help sheet.pdfDownload
 Using Commas to indicate parenthesis PowerPoint.pdfDownload
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13.01.21 Wednesday's resources

 Maths 4X1 ANSWERS.docxDownload
 Maths 4X1 Multiplication tasks.docxDownload
 Maths task video.mp4Download
 Phases of the Moon PPT.pdfDownload
 Times table help sheet.pdfDownload
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14.01.21 Thursday's resources

 4x2 Digit multiplication video guide.mp4Download
 Times table help sheet.pdfDownload
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15.01.21 Friday's resources

 4X2 Challenge answers.pdfDownload
 4X2 Challenge task.pdfDownload
 4x2 multiplication guide number 2.mp4Download
 Times table help sheet.pdfDownload
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Weekly planning W.C 06.01.21

06.01.21 Wednesday's resources

 Battle of bosworth activity sheet.docxDownload
 How did he keep in charge information.pdfDownload
 How did Henry win information.pdfDownload
 Infinite lives - Front cover and blurb review.docxDownload
 Introducing the Tudors PPT as PDF.pdfDownload
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07.01.21 Thursday's resources

 Short division without remainders task 1.pdfDownload
 Time zone maps.pdfDownload
 Time zone worksheets.docxDownload
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08.01.21 Friday's resources

 Short division with remainders.pdfDownload
 Was and were presentation.pdfDownload
 Was Were activity sheet.pdfDownload
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Welcome to Eagle Owls and welcome to the second part of the Autumn term.

I thought it would be lovely for you to know what is happening in Eagle Owls this half-term. I have provided a list of topics below that we will be studying as well as information that you will need to know about class 5.

Maths – Measurement (Area & Perimeter), Angles (acute, obtuse, right angle and reflex), fractions (compare, order), statistics and measures (time).

Literacy – Text: The Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll. Writing style: Newspaper reports.

Science – Forces (gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction).

Computing – Code cracking.

RE – Beliefs and action in the world.

Topic – The Ancient Egyptians.

Geography – Rivers.

Homework is a regular and important part of school life but it is not meant for you and your child to worry about. I would very much appreciate your support with any homework that is set. Homework will currently be set on a Friday and it will consist of online learning using apps such as spelling frame, TT rockstars and Sumdog. Please email me if your child does not have their logins for the above websites.

Your child will complete weekly spelling tests. They can practise these spellings using Spelling Frame as I will be adding custom spelling lists so that they match those practised in class. These will be set every Friday along with homework. Their test will be the following Friday.

Please read with your child as much as possible and ask them questions about the text. We are not using reading records at the moment due to the current rules.

Every Wednesday your child will participate in an outdoor learning/PE day which will require them to wear outdoor clothing and outdoor footwear.

I look forward to working with you this year to develop your child’s learning to their maximum potential. If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s education with us please contact me via email (jedwards@harworth.snmat.org.uk). This email will not be monitored during the day due to teaching therefore if it is urgent, please contact school directly.


Thanks for your support,

Mr Edwards


The children have their own individual logins for the websites below (email me if your child does not know their login).

https://ttrockstars.com/ (Children will already have this login)

https://pages.sumdog.com/ (Same login as TTrockstars/Numbots)

https://spellingframe.co.uk/ (Children will already have this login)