Headteacher's blog

Friday 5th May

We are at the end of another brilliant week in our school. Class 4 enjoyed an Educational visit to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham this week and I have been enjoying hearing about what they learnt there. As always the staff there commented on the excellent behaviour and attitudes of our children. They always make us proud.  In Merit Assembly this morning Mrs Thickitt commented on how wonderful our children are in the way that they congratulate each other when names are mentioned or Merits are received. They are genuinely happy for each other and it is really special and lovely to see. Thank you to all of our amazing children.

 Friday 12th May

Our Year 6 children have completed their SATs papers and are breathing a sigh of relief today now that they are over! We have been so very proud of their work ethic, they have tried their very best giving 100% to the week. So whatever the results on the piece of paper says when it arrives in July, we could not be prouder of them. They are much more than a test result, they are a brilliant group of people with a wide range of gifts and talents. Well done to each and every one of them.

Friday 19th May

The end of another lovely week in school. Mr Archer, our Chair of Governors, lead a  Collective Worship this week. He entertained the children by asking them what kinds of things they thought were around when "he was a lad." Things like computers, ipads, cars, televisions and mobile phones. The children were pretty good at knowing that some of these are fairly modern inventions, but a world where computers and ipads are not the main sources of entertainment seems very strange to most of them! Although the children did hear at the Hatfield meeting on Wednesday after school that at their residential trip mobile technology is not permitted, and no one was at all bothered. It seems that friendship and fun are still the most important parts of life for everyone.

A group of children went to an orienteering competition after school on Thursday and really enjoyed themselves. Thank you to them for representing our school.The week finished with a Merit Assembly as usual and a message about prayer in our Collective Worship.

Have an amazing weekend.

Friday 26th May

The Year 6 children have been doing their cycling proficiency this week and also Year 6 girls have had a netball coach in school.

Our pilgrimage looking at the Lords Prayer and art to help reflect it was a huge success. The way the children move around the school is just outstanding and their thoughts and work produced was of the highest quality. Reverend Frank led collective worship on Wednesday and the week began with a reflective collective worship on friendship and its values. The children also performed an anti-bullying assembly for us which was absolutely brilliant and focussed on our NO GO TELL policy.

Our announcement this week that Mrs Thickitt and Mrs Richards are retiring at the end of the summer term certainly makes us think and reflect. We are so sorry to be losing them, although we will be seeing Mrs Thickitt on a weekly basis so it's not a complete goodbye from her. And we hope that Mrs Richards will still pop in to see us, I am sure that she will.

Here's to a lovely half term holiday for you all. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6th June as Monday 5th June is an INSET day.

Friday 9th June

We have all enjoyed being back at school after the week off and the children have been working hard, as always. They are always so happy, polite and thoughtful. They are a real credit to their parents.

This week our Year 6 children went on their residential. They had a really wonderful time and it was great to see their smiling faces back at school. The staff came back tired but happy. They are now going home for a long sleep!

Friday 16th June

We had a visitor form the Diocese this week who led our Collective Worship. She was so impressed with our children, their knowledge, their behaviour, their attitudes to learning. She was blown away by them, just as all our visitors are.

Thank you so much for your support with the school fayre on Tuesday. The HAPPI group raised an amazing £415! Thank you all so much for your kindness, support and generosity and THANK YOU to the HAPPI group who worked so very hard to organise and run this event.

 Friday 23rd June

Three of our children have taken music exams at Worksop College this week. They have taken exams on the clarinet and the guitar and we are extremely proud of them. We also had balance bike lessons provided for the younger children in the school this week, alongside more cycling proficiency. The week ended with 'Stay and Learn' with parents coming into the classrooms to sit alongside their children in a lesson and ending the morning with our weekly Merit assembly. Busy as always!

Friday 30th June

This week the Year 4 children went to on an outdoor woodland trip to learn about building shelters. This was very apt for today as it poured it down with rain the whole day! The children were amazing as always and didn't complain once about the weather. Instead they really enjoyed the activities and built some great shelters to keep them dry! Well done to Class 4 and the adults that went with them.

Also this week a small group of Year 5 and Year 6 children went to the Elizabethan High School to take part in a French Spelling Bee competition. They did really, really well against some tough competition, and as always we are extremely proud of them. Another 'Stay and Learn' session followed on Friday, giving a lovely end to the week.

Friday 7th July

Our Year 6 children were out on Transition to their secondary schools this week and our children within school also had a trial in their new classes. New starter children had session in school in Foundation Stage and judging by all the smiles all has gone well.

We had our Key Stage 2 SATs results this week giving us lots of cause to celebrate. Very well done to the children for gaining such brilliant results. They have all worked so hard and the great results are fully deserved by all. Well done!

Friday 14th July

Parents evening started the week and it was great to see so many parents there hearing all the good things about their children. Class 1 went on an educational visit to Sherwood Pines and went on the Grufallo trail. Class 3 went to Clumber park and had a fantastic day. They met Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and had their photograph taken with him, thanks to Mrs Potton who approached him and told him all about our amazing school. Class 6 also represented our school brilliantly at Southwell Minster this week at a Leavers service for Year 6 children and we were as proud as ever of them.

Mr Owens was awarded an 'Above and Beyond' award from the Academy board of directors in recognition of the brilliant work he does for our school. It is so fully deserved and we are incredibly proud of him. Well done Mr O!

Kerrie L Clowes