Harworth colliery boys.

This is a site about Harworth colliery [HCFC]. Harworth colliery was founded in 1931. There's 1st team 2nd team u13 u12 u11 u10 u9 u8 u7 and mini kicks. In my team theres 12 players the players are called:



.Jack x2

.Harley x2







The coaches are called:



GK Danny CB Harley CB Alfie CB Conner CM Jack  LW Gage ST Lewis RW Jack 


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This is the Harworth collery badge.

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Harworth are an amazing team, they have a lot of amazing players one of them lives on my street [jacks street]. Every game we probably lose or draw but it is because we are a new team, on Sunday we have got a game against South Kirby and they are a new team also so we have a 50 50 chance of winning [we won] . Last Sunday we had a game against Bessica and we were 3-0 up at half time and lost 7-3. The best match for are team is when we won 13-1 against a polish team Donny hawks [I Jack got one goal and 5 assists] [Danny let one goal in right at the end]. Also when we played Donny hawks they did not deserve that one goal it was so so lucky. Calum left after a stunning half of the season,the best game of Calum's life was when he passed it to me [jack] and he had a amazing game.


 The website above is about all the harworth thing [Its awesome]. 


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