Welcome to Class 4


   On 28th June we went        on an adventure of        our own.  In Sandall Beat    Wood we learnt the five    essentials for survival,       built shelters, lit fires   and made 'Bannock bread'  to eat. We could imagine    how the invaders and        settlers had felt coming       to our country.  In       addition, we realised how     difficult it was for the       Famous Five to keep         warm and dry in the          storm. Despite the         unrelenting, torrential         rain, Class 4 had a              marvelous time!        

As part of our learning about Rivers and the Water Cycle, we were visited by Severn Trent Water.  There was a whole school assembly and then Class 4 took part in workshops learning about water treatment, water usage and given a challenge to save more water.

Spelling homework:  Spellings are given out on a Friday to be tested the following Friday.  We are also learning topic words once a fortnight.  Spellings can be practised online by clicking the link below:-Click here to practise spellings online

 Do you want to practise your multiplication tables?  Finding it difficult?  Don't worry, we all do!  Try learning them to music - click on the link.

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Welcome to our final term in Year 4!

This is a term of adventure!  We are  joining the Famous Five as they  discover treasure, as well as travelling with  the river on its  journey to the sea. Class 4 also  learnt the skills needed to be  adventurers: how to build a shelter  and cook a meal.                                   

On Thursday 4th May Class 4 visited the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham City.  This visit covered several areas of the children’s learning.  The primary focus was the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development and aims to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty.  In addition there were links with Literacy as we performed a mock trial. There were links with History and Geography too as we visited the ‘City of Caves’ to do archaeology and walk through time activities.                        

This term everyone is looking forward to lots of new learning and making lots of progress across the curriculum.  These are the topics that we will be covering:

Science –  'Are you switched on or off?', 'Who am I?'

Computing – HTML developer

Geography - Rivers and the Water Cycle

Art - 'Real life?'

DT - Knitting and Shelter Building

PE – 'Real PE'

RE –  Easter, Pentecost and Spiritual Expression

Music - From the 'Charanga' scheme of work:

French - 'Raconte-moi une histoire!' (Tell me a story!), Vive le sport! (Our sporting lives)

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Alert! Class 4 are taking part in the 'Five Card Trick' (see the newsletter for more information). So do not forget to record in your reading diary when you read to an adult and when you finish a book write a review and hand it in.  How many 'Five Card Tricks' can you complete this term?

News flash:-

Are you a 'Maths Magician'?  We have called in the 'Superheroes' to help us on our quest to be magic at Maths.  Use your 'Superheroes' booklet to help you practise your multiplication skills.

 Aim to reach the next level as soon as you can - go, go, go!!