Welcome to Class 2

Our class artist is Lynette Amelie

(Paintings of beach huts)

 What types of art did she create?

Where are they set?

Why do you think she chose to do this?

Image result for Lynette Amelie (beach huts)


Our class musician is Tchaikivsky

Image result for tchaikovsky musician

What genre of music is it?

How does it make you feel?

When did he begin to play music?

Our class Author is Mairri Hedderwick

Image result for katie morag books

What stories did she write?

What are they about?

Class 2 have had lots of fun learning about the Great Fire of London.  They learnt how to mix primary colours to create the effect of a fire with paint as you can see on the background of this display. They have also created amazing Tudor style houses using nets of shapes.  We can't wait to learn more!

If you want to learn more about the Great Fire of London look at this website


Summer Term

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all well and have had a super fun Easter holiday. I can't wait to see you all after the holiday.

This half term we are going to be learning...



LITERACY: Our literacy lessons will focus on narratives and non-fiction. Daily phonics and spelling sessions will also take place and spelling tests will continue to take place on Fridays.


Maths: We will be focussing on place value and the four operations (- + x  / )


Science:  Young gardeners


Geography:  I is for island S is for sea


RE:  Jewish Beliefs/God, creation stories, Humanity, Natural world 


Art: Painting/colour mixing – oh I do like to be beside the seaside!


PE: Real PE



This is an overview of the Year 2 curriculum objectives:

Year 2 SATs

Year 2 SATS will take place during the final 2 weeks of this half term. We know that this can be a very worrying time for some children, which is why we intend to try and keep things as normal as possible and not place undue pressure on the children.  There will be a parents meeting about SATs on 27th April 2017 at 3pm in class 2. 

Key Stage 1 Assessment information video

Key Stage 1 DFE presentation about KS1 assessments

At Harworth Church of England Academy, we intend to administer the tests during the last two weeks of this half term. They will be kept as low key as possible and are administered in a calm and positive way to ensure that all children feel comfortable. If your child is absent, they will be required to sit the tests on their return.

In Year 2, the SATs materials are used to confirm Miss Forsythe's teacher assessments only. It is not just about the formal assessments that are made over the next few weeks or how a child performs on one particular day. The government has set interim assessment criteria, which is what Miss Forsythe will use to determine if your child is working at the expected standard at the end of Year 2.

Currently in reading, writing and maths the children will be assessed as:

Working towards the expected standard.

Working at the expected standard

Working at 'greater depth'.

Every aspect of the criteria must be met in order for a child to be working at that particular standard. In science children will be assessed as either working at the expected standard or not.



Over the past year the children have been given the opportunity to become familiar with the assessment materials and we will be spending some time on Friday mornings over the next few weeks, preparing the children with the test layouts and procedures.

The children will be taking assessments in:

  • Reading
  • Maths

There is no test for writing.


The Reading Test

 The reading test consists of 2 separate papers.

PAPER 1: Contains a variety of texts with questions.

PAPER 2: Contains a separate reading booklet. Children will write their answers to questions about the passage in a separate booklet.

Children are given time to complete as much of the paper as possible with no time constraints.

The texts will cover a range of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Questions are designed to assess the comprehension and understanding of a child's reading.


Mathematics Test

Children will sit two tests:

PAPER 1: is for arithmetic. It covers calculation methods for all operations (+ - x / )

PAPER 2: covers problem solving, reasoning and mathematical fluency.