Welcome to Class 1

What can you find out about Julia Donaldson?

What are your favourite Julia Donaldson books?

What do you know about Monet?

What do you know about Tchaikovsky?

What is your favourite genre of music?

Division with us!
Division with us!


Learning about shape
Learning about shape

We are now heading into our last term as year 1's. We have so many different and exciting things left to learn about, make and do!

We are all missing Mrs Doyle and hope that she is having lots of fun with her little girl.


We had a fantastic visit to Sherwood Pines. We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's art making floor pictures, nature pictures and clay objects, fairies and anything else the children wanted to make all from natural materials.

After a great lunch, provided by our kitchen staff, we went in the search of The Gruffalo. We used our ipad's to follow the trail and watched the animations.

It was a fantastic day and we would like to thank all of our adults (Governors, Teaching Assistants and Volunteers) for coming with us.

Summer Term 2



Literacy/Author - Dive into the world of Julia Donaldson.

Numeracy - Numbers up to 100, counting in 10s, 2s and 5s, fractions, measuring - capacity and volume, money, time.

Science - Materials.

Computing - We are story tellers - making a talking book.

R.E - The Creation Story

DT - Royal objects.

Artist – Monet

P.E - Balance and agility. Following the REAL P.E. scheme of work.

History - Kings and Queens of Great Britain.     

Music - Round and Round.

Musician - Tchaikovsky

PSHE - Changes

We are practising the 5 x table.

Can you practice saying it?

Look for the patterns........

1 x 5 = 5

2 x 5 = 10

3 x 5 = 15

4 x 5 = 20

5 x 5 = 25

6 x 5 = 30

7 x 5 = 35

8 x 5 = 40

9 x 5 = 45

10 x 5 = 50

11 x 5 = 55

12 x 5 = 60


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The school follows the National Curriculum 2014.

Please ask your child's teacher if you require any information.

Learning about Capacity
Learning about Capacity