Welcome to Foundation Stage

January 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

All the children in Foundation Stage worked extrememly hard during the Autumn Term. We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the Spring Term to begin.

Below you will find out about our topics for the next half term.


 Your challenge for this half term is to keep trying even when you are finding something difficult.

Keep trying even when you get stuck trying to do your coat up.

Keep trying even when a jigsaw is getting tricky. 

Keep trying when you get to a challenging part of your number work.


Come and see our guinea pigs Oreo and Fudge.

We will be learning how to look after them and how to handle them carefully.

Communication and Language

This term we will be reading a Traditional tales.


Our new role play corner will give you lots of opportunities to use story language and become different characters from some of the stories below.

Expressive Arts

Our artist of the term is

David Hockney.

He uses lots of bright colours and we will be learning how to mix colours.


We will be listening to music by Mozart.

We will be using 'Music Express' to learn about loud and quiet music.

Come and listen to some music in our Reflection corner. 

You can also reflect on how you feel. You could tell stories like Jesus did.


Support at home...

Here are some useful websites if you would like to practise any skills at home.







Stephen Tucker and Nick Sharratt have created a fantastic range of Traditional Tales that we will be reading. Have you read any of these well known stories?

We will continue to work on correct letter formation and applying our improving phonic knowledge.

Have a go at recognising the sounds below on the Phase 2 and 3 sound posters.Try to practise these sounds in your reading folder as often as possible.


We will be working on counting accurately, ordering numbers as well as addition and subtraction this half term.

We will use lots of practical equipment to help us solve problems.

Physical development

Our PE session will be on a Wednesday. Please remember to bring your P.E kit and take out any earrings before your child comes to school.

Can you practise doing your buttons at home?


Understanding the world

We will be learning about what makes every single person unique and precious? We will listen to Bible stories and learn that Christians feel each individual is unique, and known and loved unconditionally by God.


We will continue to learn about seasonal changes and what happens to the weather. Maybe we will get some snow!? We will be comparing different environments and how our weather is different to other places.